Conditional Warranty


Healthy rabbits are happy rabbits and every effort is made to ensure the good health of all our rabbits. No rabbit will be released to a new owner if we feel there is any indication of a problem. Please check your new rabbit over carefully before taking it home to make certain you are comfortable with the condition of the rabbit. Should a problem arise during the first week of owning your new bunny, such as illness or death, we will consider replacing the rabbit with one of similar breed, sex, and quality when available if it is determined that the bunny did not die or become ill due to improper feeding, housing, physical injury, abuse, neglect, or heat stroke. We do not refund the price of the bunny. Any vet bills associated with treating or determining the cause of illness or death are the responsibility of the new owner. We will not pay for or reimburse vet bills. My rabbitry is kept at 60 degrees during the winter and 75 degrees during the summer. If you are buying a rabbit during the winter months, please plan on keeping it in a warm environment until Spring. Drastic temperature changes can lead to illness and death.


Our bunnies are loved and handled regularly. We have no control over a bunny's environment or attitude once it leaves here. Therefore, we can not guarantee a bunny's temperament or personality. It is important that you handle a bunny before you purchase it and continue to provide a safe and calm atmosphere. Bonding with your bunny is very important and that bond and trust needs to be a constant throughout your bunny's life with you. This requires a lot of "bunny time". No refunds or exchanges will be made for bunnies that have developed "cage aggression" or other bad habits after they leave our rabbitry. This is something we have no control over.


If you would like to purchase a bunny, but are not able to pick it up until a later date, I require a $40 nonrefundable deposit. This means I will not sell the bunny to anyone else. The deposit is applied to the purchase price with the balance due when you get your bunny. If, by the agreed upon date, you have not picked up your bunny and have not contacted me to make other arrangements, that bunny will be put back up for sale and you will lose your deposit.

Sex and Color

While we will give you our opinion as to whether the rabbit is a doe or a buck, we can not guarantee the sex of young bunnies. When selling young bunnies it is easy to make a mistake. Therefore, we encourage the potential buyer to examine them before paying for their new bunny. Some colors develop as a bunny grows to maturity. Therefore, we are again giving our opinion as to the color of your new bunny and do not guarantee that opinion.


When choosing rabbits for our rabbitry, we purchased from well known breeders that have a reputation for raising quality animals. While we can not guarantee the success you will have should you decide to show your bunny, we can assure you that these bunnies come from lines that we show ourselves. Many factors are involved in successfully showing a rabbit and some of these factors are beyond our control.

Feeding Tips

Changes to a rabbit's diet must be done gradually. This is true of pellets as well as vegetables and fruit. Do not feed fruit or vegetables to your bunny until it is at least 6 months old. I feed Purina Show pellets and top them with a pinch of old fashioned oatmeal. Grass hay (Timothy or Orchard) is also given daily. Make sure your rabbit is drinking plenty of fresh water. I use water bottles, some rabbit owners prefer to use bowls.